Melanotan 2 Vermodje
Melanotan 2 Vermodje peptides

Melanotan 2 Vermodje peptides


Melanotan 2 Vermodje peptides

Melanotan 2 is a synthesized peptide, an analogue of the natural hormone present in the human body – melanocorotin.

It is he who “is responsible” in the body for the production of melanin – a pigment on which the skin tone depends.

Due to the presence in the body of a sufficient amount of this pigment, a person manages to get a beautiful tan and avoid sunburn and the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation.

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Melanotan 2 Vermodje

Today Melanotan 2 is actively used by such areas of medicine as dermatology, cosmetology, physiological aesthetics, etc. This drug has a number of undoubted useful properties:

  • protective – as a result of the intake, the body’s production of the melanin pigment is activated, which in turn provides the skin with reliable protection from ultraviolet radiation;
  • cosmetic – with minimal exposure to the sun, a level of persistent and uniform high-quality tan is easily and quickly achieved;
    melanin helps to reduce appetite, can be used as a component taken to normalize weight;
  • promotes the stimulation of libido (sexual desire), which is also a kind of parameter for the quality of life and health of any person.

Such a considerable list of useful properties and characteristics allowed the drug to quickly gain the trust of many users around the world, including the countries of Europe and America.


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