Biosomax 30IU pen HGH x 3 pens (90IU)

Biosomax 30IU pen HGH x 3 pens (90IU)



Biosomax in syringe pens is a high-quality somatropin that has passed numerous
research and testing to meet all required international
quality standards (GMP).

Biosomax Multiple Injection Pens is a human

Molecular weight 22 kDa
HPLC purity> 99%
HPLC purity related forms> 96%
Endotoxins less than 3IU per mg protein
1 pen 30 IU / 3 ml
Concentration: 1 ml> 10IU / 3.33 mg
Biological activity of growth hormone when stored at a temperature (25 ° C -35 ° C) for up to
4 months does not decrease, and yet a cool place (2 ° C-8 ° C) should be preferred.

Package: 3 pens x 30IU 

Price for 3 pens!

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Biosomax pen HGH

3 ml of the drug in glass cartridges, with a special plunger made of medical
silicone, facilitating the movement of the suspension. The cartridge is sealed in plastic
multi-dose disposable syringe pen for multiple injections.

Somatotropin Biosomax in convenient syringe pens is currently one of the most
the best drugs designed for long-term muscle building. As long as it
the only drug in this price category that makes athletes forget about
poor genetic inheritance.

Somatropin BIOSOMAX in disposable syringe pens has the strongest anabolic effect,
which promotes intensive protein synthesis, which is expressed in muscle
hypertrophy (an increase in the size of a muscle cell) and in muscle hyperplasia (an increase in their

Somatropin Biosomax in multi-dose syringe pens is called the strongest
anabolic hormone. Secondly, growth hormone has a strong effect on
fat burning process. It intensively converts fat into energy, which leads to an intense

One of the most important effects that often goes unnoticed is that growth hormone
the hormone strengthens connective tissue, tendons, bones and cartilage, and this is probably
one of the main reasons for the incredible gain in strength.

High degree of purification> 99, otherwise the batch is given to cheaper and less expensive brands, so
well known to us in the Russian market;

  • Convenient liquid form;
  • Equipment and reagents;
  • only from America and Europe;
  • Certificate of conformity;

The laboratory uses the most modern equipment from countries such as Germany, USA,
France and Switzerland, which in turn allows you to create a high quality product!

Quality control at each stage of technological production, allows you to get
a product that is not inferior, and in some respects surpasses well-known European

Use of imported reagents and modern equipment

Each batch is checked by a chromatograph. Calmly transfers any transportation,
shipment thanks to the enhanced patented formula. In addition, the composition includes
effective ingredients that are ideally combined with each other and enhance the effect of
ongoing therapy.


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