Anti-aging course HGH
Anti-aging course Norditropin + Epithalon
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Anti-aging course Norditropin + Epithalon


Anti-aging course of Norditropin with Epitalon (150 days)

  • Norditropin x 10 pens (300IU)
  • Epithalon (10 vials х 10 mg)
  • 50 needles (Novofine)



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Norditropin and Epitalon anti aging

The combination of these drugs has a positive effect on the condition of the skin, rejuvenating and restoring the processes of cell regeneration, therefore it is used to prevent aging in cosmetology

Epitalon with Norditropin will provide excellent muscle recovery over the next years of life. It can also delay age-related muscle loss for many years.

The combination of these drugs helps to rejuvenate and improve the quality of life, while fruitfully affects the entire body, while not causing any side effects

The role of “Norditropin”

Somatropin stimulates cell division and tissue growth in humans.

From year to year, the body produces less and less growth hormone, and the regulation of many important processes, such as tissue renewal, muscle growth, the functioning of the immune system, pancreas and liver deteriorates.

As a rule, growth hormone is used in sports, where it is an absolute favorite among other supplements, since it has no side effects, a rollback phenomenon, and even vice versa, only has a positive effect on the body

Not so long ago, scientists discovered another, and perhaps the most important use of growth hormone – the fight against old age. And clinical trials were able to prove to them that growth hormone:

restores and strengthens bone strength
improves skin elasticity
improves well-being
takes the quality of life to a new level
promotes the burning of excess fat
strengthens skeletal muscles

The drug began to be actively used as an anti-age agent that can slow down age-related changes in mature people and almost return a second youth. It is currently the best way to combat diligence and improve the quality of life.

Role of “Epitalon”

The main properties of the epitalon:

activates the immune system
increases sensitivity and enhances the effect of somatropin
regulates the entire system of internal organs
lengthening of telomeres, therefore, an increase in life span
normalizes hormonal levels
improves blood properties
reduces intervascular thrombus formation
normalizes water-salt balance
promotes the destruction of tumor cells
Course duration: 150 days

Application scheme:

Norditropin – a daily dosage of 2 units / day, in the morning on an empty stomach, 40-60 minutes after that it is better not to eat, so you will allow the hormone to be completely and better absorbed and start acting

Epitalon daily dosage of 2 mg, (1/5 of a bottle), can be done in the morning or in the afternoon, every day for 10 days, followed by a 20 day break, after which you return to 10 days of therapy and so on the entire course with norditropin.

After a course of growth hormone Norditropin and peptide Epitalon:

Your immune system will be fully restored, sluggish and chronic processes associated with a lack of immunity will disappear.

It will also restore the levels of the hormone of joy and happiness – serotonin and melatonin – a hormone that affects the sleep and wake cycle

Metabolic processes are normalized, especially those associated with hormonal metabolism.


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